Maps Page on Italy


  1. Physical Environment
  2. Weather & Climate
  3. Human Environment
  4. Road maps
  5. City Maps
  6. Urban Transportation Maps
  7. Tourist Maps

1 Physical Environment


This is a physical map of sea level

Physical map of Italy showing distance from sea level in feet or meters showed by colors.



Map showing the physical landforms in Italy through color.


Stock Photo- Italy, physical map, satellite view, map, 3d rendering

Satellite view of Italy showing land and water.


2 Weather & Climate


Climate map of Italy

Climate map of Italy shown through colors.


Italy: Climate

Map of Italy showing annual rainfall totals.


Average Monthly Temperature- January

Average Temperatures in the month of January in Italy.


3 Human Environment


Map of population density in Italy

Map of the population density of Italy in 2011.


Per Capita GDP 2008- Italy

2008 per capita GDP in Italy.


Map of the Italian Languages and Dialects 

Map of the different dialects spoken in Italy.


4 Road Maps


Italy Map- Road Map of Italy

All roads shown in Italy and the populations of the areas they run through.


Road Map of Italy

Different symbols showing what types of roads there are in Italy. Major towns and capitals also included.


Small Road Map of Italy. Italy Small Road Map.

Map showing all of the small roads in Italy.


5 City Maps


Map of Milan City, Italy

City map of Milan showing landmarks through different symbols on what they represent.


Map of Rome

Map of Rome showing the names of landmarks.


Map of Venice

City map of Venice showing roads, cities, and landmarks.


6 Urban Transportation


Most important metro stations

Metro stations in Rome showing the routes in colors.


Train routes in Italy

Map of the different train routes in Italy shown in colors and destinations.


Milan metro map 

Map showing the Metro routes in Milan through colors and including the stops,


7 Tourist Sites


Italy Map Tourist Attractions Photo Gallery

Map showing tourist attractions with pictures of what those attractions are.


Italy Tourist Map

Tourist map showing the city names and symbols on what the attractions are.


Map of Italy, Tourist Places in Italy

Map showing Italy’s attractions in different regions.

Submitted by Sarah Hunt on March 1, 2019.